Sub Plans April 19, 2010

aba0860lHi Students,

I am off today with all the other grade seven teachers.  We are working on planning wonderful lessons for you guys.

Please work on the following:

  1. Turn on Concentrate with Internet
  2. Complete your Challenge Project proposal that you have been working on as a group.   Everybody needs to complete it and you should have the same or nearly the same information as the rest of your group members.  Email it to me when you are finished.
  3. Create an Elevator Pitch that sells your Challenge Project idea.   Click here to read the details on how to do just that.  Please follow ALL the steps.
  4. Listen to one more This American Life story.   This one is only eight minutes long (it is below).
  5. Listen carefully for how the story is put together and what they do to make it more interesting.
  6. Hold a discussion about what makes it a good story.
  7. Work on your This Concordia Life story.  Be sure to follow all the directions.  You will find all the directions here.

This American Life Long Short Story – from Phoenix Video

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