Plans for March 14, 2012

I am up at Luther Hall doing training for teachers today on how to make websites.  Unlike you guys, teachers need a lot more help!

Here is the plan for the day:

  • Spend the first 8-10 minutes of class working on the Quizlet for this vocabulary unit. (Sumner please note I made the link just for you!)
  • Post your World War 2 project to your website.
  • Spend the next 20 minutes or more with a partner or two. Present your World War 2 project presentation to each other.  Do a full and enthusiastic presentation.  If you wrote a paper or comic, read it to your partner.  If you did a movie, show it.  If you have a Keynote, present it.  Get it?
  • After watching/listening to the presentation(s)  leave a comment on their website about the presentation.  Explain what they did well and what suggestions you have them to improve it.
  • Continue to watch day two of the movie.  Be sure to review the worksheet before starting out the movie.  Y0u will need to fill out the worksheet as you watch the movie.  Keep an eye on your classmates to ensure that  “W” and “A” fill out the sheet during the movie and not after. Keep an eye on “S” and make sure he has a real pen or pencil.

Homework: Study for Friday vocab quiz and be ready to present your project in class on Thursday!

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