Plans for April 11

Atticus will be watching you on Wednesday!

I am running around with the nuclear group today, so you are on your own without me.  Be good as always.

  • 8:00-8:10 finish up the rest of your vocabulary book work.  If you are done, then work on the Quizlet and see if you can get a 100.
  • 8:10-8:55  TKAM literature circles
    • Finish presenting for chapters 4,5,6.  Remember you get a plus every time you participate in the discussion.  Here is the chart so far.
    • Help the substitute under stand the workflow process for literature circles.
    • If you have time, work on your next set of literature circle responsibilities.  See here for what roles you have.
  • 8:55 -9:00 Break
  • 9:00-9:45   Work on NHD project.  Head off to the class you were in yesterday and work with your group.  Be sure to use the NHD planning guide!

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