Analyze a Speech

6a00d8354bd9d953ef00e54f3bd7798834-800wiTake a look at some of these sample speeches.

As you analyze the speeches, look for the following:

  1. What is the message?  What memory do you walk away with?
  2. What emotions is the speaker trying to send to you?  Did it work?
  3. Did you notice anything about the way the speaker spoke?  Words they used?  The way the used the words?
  4. In your opinion, was this a strong speech?  Provide at least three supporting reasons
  5. How could this speech have been improved?
  6. Decide what type of speech it is from the list below.  Give two supporting reasons for your choice.

Please write each response in paragraph form.  A separate paragraph for each question. Paragraphs may be short for certain questions.

Types of speeches

Motivational/Inspirational: A speech designed to push or prompt someone to do something or become part of  something that they would not normally do.  It may be something smaller and personal (lose weight) or larger (end world hunger).

Informational:  A speech designed to transfer a persons knowledge or understanding of something to others.

Persuasive : A speech designed to  persuade people to do or believe something through reasoning and/or emotional appeal.

Tribute: A speech designed t to show gratitude, respect, or admiration to someone.  This person may be living or dead.

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