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Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 8.11.26 PMThe MS Newspaper has been dormant for too long. Time to change all that. Let’s kick it into gear and make it awesome.

We have brainstormed some ideas here as to what we need on them. Now we need to break the list down a bit, create jobs and get to work!

Oh, and we need to learn how to write like a reporter.

First steps:

  1. Decide on jobs
  2. Decide on content areas
  3. Put people in the jobs
  4. Assign reporters and writers to produce the content

Jobs we need for sure:

  1. Webmaster and assistants: Responsible for keeping the website up and running
  2. Artistic director and assistants : Decides on overall look of the website including layout, widgets, etc.
  3. Editors:  Responsible for viewing and approving stories.  Likely need to have different editors for different departments: Lifestyle, Sports, Local, Theater and Arts, etc.
  4. Reporters:  You will work to create content for the paper.


Work Flow

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