Shanghai Film Festival PSA

Anti-smoking PSA

Anti-smoking PSA

Taking what you have learned about camera angles and sound, create a 45 second public service announcement (PSA) about a topic of your choosing.

According to Wikipedia, a PSA is: A public service announcement (PSA) or community service announcement (CSA) is an advertisement broadcast on radio or television, for the public interest. PSAs are intended to modify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues. The most common topics of PSAs are health and safety. A typical PSA is part of a public awareness campaign to inform or educate the public about an issue such as smoking or compulsive gambling. Contrary to popular belief, political campaign advertisements are not PSAs.

Strong PSA’s will be submitted to the Shanghai Film Festival contest!!


  1. Brainstorm ideas here
  2. Fill out storyboard
  3. Get teacher approval
  4. Start creating.  Use this link for help with images and music.  No copyrighted images are allowed.
  5. Finish and share

Not sure what a PSA is?  Check out these:

Clinton-Bush Haiti PSA – from Phoenix Video

Autism Awareness PSA – from Phoenix Video

Star Wars and Smoking PSA – from Phoenix Video

Bugs Bunny and Safety PSA – from Phoenix Video

Toni Braxton Autism Awareness PSA – from Phoenix Video

Student Samples

PSA on Procrastination – from Phoenix Video

Smoking/Littering PSA – from Phoenix Video

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