Final Goal Reflection and Summary

Reflecting on her goals for theyear

Reflecting on her goals for the year

Soon you will hold your last parent conference for this school year.   Let us prepare for that conference so you will look awesome and your parents will be super proud of you.


  1. Go through your entire blog and be sure that you have tagged all your past goal reflections with the tag of “goals” or “goal.”   There should be at least three.
  2. Create a new blog post and title it “Final Goal Reflection.”
  3. On that blog post, list the goals that were set for you during the last parent conference.
  4. Create a link to the “goals” or “goal” tag so that anybody can see your goal reflections with one click
  5. Write final summary (250 words or more) of how well you did when it came to achieving your goals.  Be sure to be very specific and include:
    1. A discussion of each goal
    2. Examples of how you did or did not reach each goal
    3. A reflection about the exercise of setting goals.  In other words, what did you like or dislike about the exercise?

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