This Concordia Life Story Telling

slogan_2Working with by yourself create a 3-5 minute story about something that is going on here at your Concordia life.

Try to make it sound as good as the one you heard in class.


  1. Listen to this story from This American Life.

Here is another shorter version:

This American Life Long Short Story – from Phoenix Video

Here is a five minute story about a band from the Northern Marianas Islands

This story is about a rat

This American Life: True Urban Legends – from Phoenix Video

2. Brainstorm story ideas here

3. Open up the planning guide. Copy and paste it into your own Google Doc and share it with your teacher ([email protected])

4. Using a brainstorm technique such as webbing, listing, etc. to brainstorm your story

5. Use these graphic organizers to help you.

6. Fill out your planning guide outline

7. Record your story


  • Choose transition music without words
  • Bring in the sounds of the event.  If you are telling a story about something that happens outside, record those sounds and bring it in.
  • Bring in the voices of other people
  • Clearly describe to your listener what the scene looks, sounds, smells, and tastes like
  • Record voices from other people


This(perry) Concordia Life

This Concordia Life (Perry) – from Phoenix Video

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