The rebuttal provides each team an opportunity to summarize the major points/arguments.  It provides a chance to oppose or contradict, with evidence or proof, the weakness of the opposition team’s arguments.
It is extremely important for each debater to listen carefully to the opponent’s case and take notes as the debate progresses.  The rebuttal is the perfect place to point out any glaring weaknesses in your opponents’ point of view.  Concentrate on the major issues in order to score major points with the judge(s).

You cannot introduce new information during the rebuttal.

The following is a simple outline for a rebuttal:

1.   RESPOND to attacks by your opponent.
refute your opponent’s testimony with facts and evidence
quote your opponent in order to show the weakness of his/her argument
2.   FURTHER ARGUMENTS previously presented in the constructive speech.
sequence your major points for your position, and against your opponent’s position

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