Debate Training Part 2

Part of debating is being able to quickly come up with some ideas to support your point of view.

We are going to hold a short debate about the following topics:

  1. Resolved:  Macs are better than PC’s
  2. Resolved:  Graded tests are not necessary in school
  3. Resolved:  Middle Schools all over the world start to early
  4. Resolved:  Pirating software and movies is acceptable if you are poor
  5. Resolved:  Uniforms make for better learning in school

You will get one minute to make your presentation in the affirmative or negative.

You also get 30 seconds in which to reply with your rebuttal.   During your planning, try to figure out what points the other side is going to make so you can better prepare your rebuttal.

The presenters will be picked at random.

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