Assignment # 3: Social Bookmarking

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    Interestingly enough, I remember trying out delicious bookmarks quite some time ago. I remember, thinking at the time, that it was a good idea but I didn’t see the need to utilize it when I could just use local bookmarks. Later, when I got a laptop and an iPad, I simply used foxmarks (later xmarks) to keep in sync. Now, upon revisiting the topic under the umbrella of web 2.0, I see it as a great educational and collaborative tool. Not only will it be possible to share topic-related bookmarks with students but they can add things as well. As we have discussed in assignments one and two, this type of shared responsibility will add a level of interaction that would not be possible with a standard listing on a website or blog. Additionally, the students do not need to wade through topics that don’t interest them. If a band student is not interested in jazz, he can easily bypass those links. On the other hand, a student enrolled in jazz band could go straight to the applicable sites. One thing I especially like is the idea that students could feel that the delicious links are recommended, so they (and their parents) can feel much safer about using them. Especially sites like sheet music and audio downloads that could involve money changing hands. I absolutely plan on using this in the future. When this course is over I am going to beef up the links with bands, music theory, jazz, instrument manufacturers, music dealers, etc. It should serve as an outstanding resource for students to access relevant information and for parents to feel comfortable that the sites have the teacher’s recommendation.

  2. I agree Mr. Hartman. Delicious “should serve as an outstanding resource for students to access relevant information.” However, as I think about this I believe this type of site would be best for elementary students only. Older students more than likely would be curious to look at all sites on your or other persons Delicious webpage. Therefore, I think if I were teaching middle and high school students I would make a Delicious webpage with material that suits their learning needs only. Make another page of educational resources for other educators. Question: How many students can be on one person’s Delicious webpage?

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