Assignment # 4: Online Document Collaboration

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3 thoughts on “Assignment # 4: Online Document Collaboration

  1. Hopefully you can access my shared documents. The document is not only an example of a google docs document but what I typed for the comment box for assignment 3. I always feel more comfortable writing the material in a different document and then cut and pasting the material. The spreadsheet is the very beginning stages of me planning our band budget. The right side is a tiny formula with how much I could pay people by the hour and how that would effect the bottom line budget. The presentation file is my woeful attempt at “sucking up” to the teacher. :-)

    I see many ways that these online documents could help our classroom. My music awareness class did group projects on composers last year and only collaborate during class. With shared presentations on google docs they could have collaborated on, and worked together, at home. I also see a great amount of opportunity for teacher collaboration. Currently our marching band staff are preparing materials for our band camp coming up in a week and a half. I think google docs just may come in extremely handy. I wasn’t really aware of the versioning capabilities of google docs, which is one of the primary reasons why we haven’t used them in a collaborative sense. Also, teachers from five different high schools met monthly last year to develop instrumental curriculum. We were discussing the plans at length, compiling materials on our own and emailing them to our coordinator. To quote the video, now she can be an editor and not a document master. How much easier would this method have been? Definitely something we will be using in the future.

  2. Online sharing is very easy. Glad to hear you will implement this with your students. Working with these types of sites saves time for all educators and students. Make learning more fun too. Like the video said, educators and students don’t have to be a “document master.” The can focus on their learning instead. Nice post!

  3. Phil, Like you I find online document collaboration a successful way to interact with other educators. It especially saves time when working with educators from other schools. Glad you find this type of collaboration to help you with your curriculum development.

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