Assigment # 7: Wikis

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2 thoughts on “Assigment # 7: Wikis

  1. 1. A wiki would work best in a classroom in which common goals were set up to achieve success or collaboration efforts were encouraged to enhance learning and unity. This would help motivate students to work together on completing the tasks/projects. With the use of the wiki and the need for the collaborative effort accountability would fall on each student to do their part in order to complete and keep updated the correct and current information. Accessibility with the wiki online would give student and parents an opportunity to get or add to the class information at any time or day. Having a classroom wiki would work best for instilling student and teacher organization which can be a key to success. Note, missed assignments for absences, homework assignments, test dates and more can all be found on the wiki. Student could feel more responsible and empowered for their own education by just utilizing this technology tool. A classroom wiki could also allow for resources to be shared even beyond their class and even across the nation and other countries. This could also be a great opportunity for teachers to share ideas and projects with other teachers and students for the common goal of higher education. Students who were shy in public classroom speaking could share their opinions and thoughts thru the wiki discussion or blog tabs in privacy and not feel left out. Students who are able to understand and operate or manage a classroom wiki will be at a technological advantage in this rapid changing world relying heavily on technology.
    2. Students could use the classroom wiki outside the physical classroom at any time and be able to share resources or discussions. Students could access the information needed to stay organized with their time for homework or tests and notes. Students could work together to learn to develop and manage their own wiki site to help present classroom projects. Students could use the classroom wiki site at home to share with their parents what they are doing in school and encourage parental support by having some place to show their work. The classroom wiki would teach students how important it is to have teamwork when using a collaborative site in which each member must do their part in order for it to be complete and successful. Most students are visual learners and technology driven. The wiki would motivate student learning and achievement with the pictures, links and games that can be added. A classroom wiki does not have to be done a certain way or even stay that way. The edit allows for changes and creativity to be added. It gives the students a forum to present their “virtual classroom” of learning and student achievement. Students can improve their writing ability and computer knowledge by using the wiki site. It is much more interesting than just textbook reading and taking hand notes. Students will be able to diversify their learning by sharing with other students outside their classroom. Overall, students will be able to use the classroom wiki to stay organized and be held accountable for their part in their educational journey and not just solely the classroom teacher.
    3. I think the wiki would be a great technology enhancement for my classroom. It would give me, my student and the parents a forum to stay organized and current on student projects and expectations. Accessibility outside the classroom was a huge sale for me to want to incorporate the wiki. Students could use their home computers and timeframes outside the classroom to work on projects or access notes or homework assignments. Students would be encouraged to work in peer groups and encourage the accountability for each student to feel inclusive and do their responsibility for the wiki project to be successful. I am excited about adding curriculum diversity to my classroom with the use of wiki classroom sites from across the globe. I would be able to share not only my students work but learn from other teachers and students. I am a big believer in the support of parents for the success of a student’s educational journey. The wiki would be a place parents could share time with their student helping and observing their accomplishments. It could also allow parent a communication tool for helping their student stay organized. Administrators are always looking for teachers to incorporate more technology in the classroom and the wiki is user-friendly, fun and creative for all to benefit. Wiki etiquette and the dos and don’ts of editing and using the wiki page would definitely need to be stressed and monitored so; the wiki is not abused or information fabricated. Also, just having the wiki is not successful unless it is actually being executed. Student use would need to be highly encouraged and maybe even incentives used to gain the most benefit.

  2. Glad you found Wiki to be so useful for you and your students. To be honest I am struggle with this assignment. Wiki to me seems to be unfriendly to set up so I went to the next lesson. Will tackle this lesson now and hope to find all the advantages of Wiki that you did.

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