Sociogram American Born Chinese

In pairs or by yourself, create a sociogram of one of the three stories found in American Born Chinese.

A sociogram is a graphic representation of social links that a person has.

Use xMind to do your work.

Include the following:

  • Use to list out all the book’s characters.
  • Use an arrow to point from one person to another. The direction the arrow faces tells if if there is a one or two-way relationship.  A two-way relationship is a mutual relationship where both people are partners.  It is tricky, sometimes, to determine if it is a mutual relationship.  Example:  If a character has a crush on a girl, but she does not have a crush on him, then it is a one-way relationship.
  • Create distance between the characters based on the importance of their relationship to each other. For example, if you were to sociogram of your family, your mom or dad would likely be closer to you than your grandparents whom you may not see nearly as much, or at all.
  • Add an image to the character that best represents them or their personality.  For example, if one character was really, really strong, you  might have a picture of a piece of steal.
  • Write at least a 250 word explanation of the sociogram.  Explain why you placed the characters where you did, why you chose the images, and why some characters are larger than others.

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