Industrialism is…

Working on your own, create a short slide show that provides five keywords and photos that represent and symbolize industrialism.


  1. Brainstorm what industrialism is here.
  2. From the brainstorm list, come up with 10 words that describe industrialism.
    1. List them on an Xmind Document
    2. Come up with  situations, places, ideas for what types of pictures you must find to represent the descriptive words you used.
  3. Show the Xmind document to a neighbor and your teacher
  4. Decide on which FIVE words you are going to use from the list of 10.
  5. Look for images for your words.   See here for help.
  6. Decide on a song that represents the message you are trying to send about industrialism
    1. Avoid picking music only because you like the tune.  It should communicate the mood that you want your audience to feel.
  7. Put it all together in an awesome little slide show
  8. Post it on Phoenix Video
  9. EMBED it on your blog

Beijing Is.. Interim 2009 – from Phoenix Video

Industrialism Is… – from Phoenix Video

Industrialism Is…. – from Phoenix Video

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