Post Parent Conference Reflection

You just had a “fun” parent conference Thursday and Friday.  Time now to get started on our goals.

  1. In a separate blog post, list your goals (remember I emailed that sheet to you) and the action plans that we came up with for you, me, and your parents.  You can simply copy and paste them.
  2. List three words that come to mind when you think about your most recent parent conference.   Use your visual thesaurus for help.  Add them here.  At least one word must describe a positive attribute of the conference.
  3. Using the PSQ model (praise it, suggestions, questions) discuss how the conference went.  This is your chance to praise the process, make suggestions, and ask questions about it.  Your response should be a 200 words or more in length.   Or…. you may record a visual response using photo booth.  That response should be at least 60 seconds or more in length.   Either way, follow the PSQ model.
  4. Don’t forget to post it all on your blog though.

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