How Do Conflicts Start?

The video at the bottom explains, rather quickly, how World War One got started.

However, it does not really explain how conflicts start in the first place.   We are going to examine what makes up conflict as individuals and then answer the essential question: How do large conflicts start?

The plan:

  1. Discuss what the word conflict means and some examples
  2. Create a list of what elements (things) are needed for conflict
  3. Watch this video about conflict involving people yoru age
  4. Add tour our list of conflict elements
  5. Decide what elements are needed for a big conflict and a small conflict
  6. Discuss phases of conflict
  7. Analyze your conflict style

Phases of conflict

  • Prelude to Conflict: Variables that make conflict possible between those involved
  • Triggering Event: A particular event, such as criticism which creates the conflict
  • Initiation Phase: Occurs when at least one person makes it known to the other that a conflict exists
  • Differentiation Phase: Parties raise the conflict issues and pursue reasons for the varying positions
  • Integration stage / Resolution: Parties acknowledge common grounds and explore possibilities to move towards a solution

World War One In Five Minutes – from Phoenix Video

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