Essential Questions News Show

Old School News Program

Working in groups of about four, create an interview news program where you discuss and answer the following questions.

  • How do large conflicts start?
  • What were the causes and global consequences of World War One?
  • What role did your country play in World War One?


  • Decide who will be the anchor
  • Decide who is going to be the expert for each of the three essential questions
  • Decide who will be in charge of the final editing process (this takes a lot of time)
  • Let me know who has what job(s) here
  • Use this planning guide for help
    • Here is a graphic organizer for the second essential question, “What were the causes and global consequences of World War One?”
    • Graphic organizer for first question, “How do large conflicts start?”
  • Anchors, use THIS planning guide.
  • Check out the rubric so you will know how you will be assessed


  • Memorize the questions you are going to ask.
  • Memorize the answers to the questions.
  • If you make mistakes, don’t stop the camera, just keep going and repeat as needed. You can always edit out mistakes.
  • Create an introduction and an end to the show.  See the sample below.

Check out the news shows from 2010’s class.

Sample News Interview Program.   The second one is really boring, so DON’T WATCH IT!

Jackie and Justins Interview – from Phoenix Video

KOHD Interview with Michael Boll – from Phoenix Video

How can this one be improved?

Civil Rights News Show – from Phoenix Video

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