Diplomacy All Class Game

Diplomacy is a FUN game and it will help us to learn about the geography of Europe during World War One.

Modified Rules:

  • You will work in teams as you play the game.  There are two teams: Allied Powers and Central Powers.
  • You and another person will represent a country within the Allied Powers or Central Powers
  • The game will be played for two weeks and the winners will be the team (Allied or Central) that captured the most supply centers.


  • If you do not already have an account, sign up for one here.
  • Get into groups of 2-3 people (with my help)
  • Decide on who will be in charge of your troops and ships.   Give that person a name with the title of general.
  • Decide on who will be your negotiator(s).  These people will talk with the other team members
  • Head to this link and join the game with this ID number: 23336.   The password is shanghai.

Trench Journal

On a regular basis (I will let you know when) you will need to keep a regular, written journal of your experiences:

  • Each entry needs to be at least 150 words
  • Discuss how your country is doing.  In other words, describe what is happening on the board
  • Discuss what your plans are for the future (the next few moves)
  • Discuss and share your frustrations with the other side and/or with the people on your side


  • Read and watch the rules here.
  • Work very carefully with the other countries on your team.  The winner will be the country that is the most organized and able to work together.  This is true for real war too.
  • Have fun!

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