Book Trailer Reading Project

Book Trailer

You have seen lots of movie trailers in your life, but perhaps never a book trailer. The idea is the same though.

Your book trailer should include:

  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Voice over
  • Words on the screen

Your book trailer should:

  • Communicate the general plot of the story
  • Not give away any important parts (spoilers)
  • Create a sense of curiosity for the viewer
  • Motivate the viewer to run out and buy the book right away

We are going to be reading from the biography genre for this reading project.   Please select a book from this list on Shelfari.  Let me know what book you pick here.

Sample Videos

John Lennon Biography – from Phoenix VideoCajun Racing {REAL one} – from Phoenix Video


Can you make one this good? While it is actually a movie trailer, it sure makes me want to watch it!

Star Trek, The Movie Trailer – from Phoenix Video

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