Biography Writing

Santa would make an excellent biography

This piece of writing should be at least 750 words long.

We will use  our Write Source book for help.

Your essay will need a beginning paragraph, middle paragraphs and an ending paragraph.

It will help us to better understand how to write:

Use this biography planning guide for help.

Even more help can be found here.

Part Two, create a video biography

Once you have completed your written biography, you will need to convert it to a video biography.

You will record the biography and add pictures that help us  understand who your character is.   If the subject of your biography is not in Shanghai and you don’t have any pictures, then find pictures of backgrounds or scenes that represent what you are talking about.

I recommend that you record it in Garageband first, then export it.  Next import it to iMovie and add the photos.

Music, as you know, controls the emotions of the viewer.  Feel free to add music (without words is best) during all or some of the video.   Remember, though,  to use ducking so the music does not overwhelm your recorded voice!

Once complete, post it all on your blog.   Include both the video and the words.

Not sure how to make a good video biography?  Check out these examples.

Zach’s Biography – from Phoenix Video

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