NHD Outline

You will have the wonderful opportunity to create a six-section outline  about a human rights movement that is affecting people in our world. You will act as a reporter getting the facts about the particular issue and the movement associated with it. This needs to be a current issue, not one from long ago in the past.

Your topic needs to reflect a current issue that is happening right now.


  • Your outline needs to include six sections:
    • Introduction: Introduce your reader to the movement/group/individual and their situation. What is going on? Provide some facts that will entice (encourage) your reader to keep on reading. Be sure to include a thesis statement
    • Define the issue: What is the human rights issue?  Explain and define it.  Include who is involved and educate your viewer/reader about the issue.
    • Negative force: Who are the perpetrators (bad guys) that continue to violate the human right?  Why are they doing it?  What allows it to continue to happen?  What are their methods?
    • Positive force: Find a group that is working to stop this human rights abuse.  Discuss them and tell us what they are doing, how they are doing it and if they are successful.
    • Explain which section(s) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights relates to this human rights abuse and why.
    • Closing: Speculate on the future!  What do you think will happen between the efforts of the positive force and the negative force?  Who will eventually be successful?
  • A bibliography with at least five sources, two of which must be primary sources.
  • You will present this information via your NHD project.


This student needs to use the planning guide

This student needs to use the planning guide

“Oh my, too much information; I am on overload, what do I do, where do I start?”

“Easy, just click here to open the planning guide.

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