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TEDTalks _ Kevin Bales_ How to combat modern slavery – Kevin Bales – from Phoenix Video


Freedom Heroes: Karin Rivas

Running Time:     16 min 26 sec
Grades:     9 to 12

Despite the hope of ”never again” in the wake of the Holocaust, genocide, torture and human rights abuses remain major global issues. Karin Rivas works with Survivors of Torture, an organization dedicated to providing aid and assistance to victims of torture from around the world. Through her work, many refugees have been able to overcome the horror they experienced and have gone on to experience fulfilling lives.
Freedom Heroes: Gillian Caldwell
Running Time:    21 min 37 sec
Grades:     9 to 12

Gillian Caldwell began an organization called ”Witness,” which is a group of committed, talented people who use video cameras to document international human rights abuses. Witness has exposed human trafficking in Russia and child soldiers in the Congo and, in partnership with other human rights groups, seeks to empower passionate individuals with the technology and the information they need to change the world.

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