Auction Photo Poster

Dear Grade Eight Students,

Every year, the eight grade students set their photographic skills on the task of making a set of posters for the charity auction in the spring. Every year, there is a bidding war to bring home the grade 8 poster, which brings in a lot of money for students of the Yunnan Education Project and for programs and equipment to benefit Concordia students (the green screen studios, for instance).

Your assignment: Submit two photographs for each of the following categories:

  • Year of the Rabbit (decorations (big and small), fireworks, etc.)
  • Asian delicacies (foods, fruits, veg, etc)
  • Traditional clothing of Asia

Where to put your pictures:

  1. Head to Phoenix Pix:
  2. Full size, full resolution pics should be uploaded there.
  3. If you  want credit for the pic, you must change the file name:
    firstname_lastname-1, firstname_lastname-2, etc.

Logon information:

Student user name: students   password: phoenixblue
Phoenix Pix help files are here:

Keep in mind:

  • As you travel, please take high quality, high resolution photos. High resolution means at least 5 megapixels (more than most camera phones, so plan ahead an use your own or a borrowed camera).
  • These must have a portrait/vertical orientation, not horizontal.
  • These should be shots that you make, not just random snaps. Take your time to find the best shot, the most interesting angle. Take your time so that your shots are crisp and richly colored.
  • This is a Social Studies assignment that will be due mid-February.

Have fun with this! Enjoy the opportunity to capture your Chinese New Year experiences, no matter where you are.

Below are a couple of great ones from previous year to inspire you


Mr. Larson, on behalf of the Grade 8 Teachers.

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