Laptop Usage Survey

Please complete the survey below. It will help us to better understand how laptops are used at our school!  All answers are private and you do not need to write your name.


5 thoughts on “Laptop Usage Survey

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  2. I think laptop is a great way to learn, and takes education into a whole new dimension. However, laptops also brings cons, such as slacking off in various ways and also switching spaces. The pros, as mentioned, it to make education more creative.

  3. Ever since my re-imaging, I have been missing 20 GB. I don’t know what the tech hub has installed onto my computer, but no matter where I look I just can’t find what is taking up my computer’s space! Just a few days ago I had 0 GBs, a warning popped up and said that I need to empty out my computer. This got me very frustrated as I dumped all my personal things into the trash.
    But other then this I really like the tech hub, and I appreciate their hard work, thank you.

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