Prior Knowledge: Sort and Predict

I like to sort peppers

Guiding Questions

  • How can we use an advance organizer (ie. Sort & Predict) to help us understand the concepts of human rights?
  • How can the use of an advance organizer (ie. Sort & Predict) help me to think about the new concepts that will be taught in class? (ie. Human Rights)
  • How can I show responsibility for productive use of time within my group?

Key  Points

  • Advance Organizers are important in concept formation; they provide an anchor where information and ideas received during the instructional period can be attached
  • Becoming aware of the categories we use – and revising them whenever we choose – is the key to being able to analyze a subject, synthesize new insights about it, and evaluate how suitable something is for our purpose.
  • Teamwork is necessary to construct categories, negotiate, debate connections, relevance and ways to out-think the other students with their unique category.


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