Collaborative Summaries

These guys are being collaborative

We heard a very interesting talk from Ms. Gloria Chandler about the Holocaust.   Now is a chance for us to make a collaborative summary of what we heard.

This will help us to summarize things that we will encounter in the future as we complete our NHD project.


  1. On a Pages document make a list of all the ideas, main points, questions you have after listening to the presentation.  Don’t forget the documentary, “Children Remember The Holocaust.”
  2. Highlight the three most important points you have
  3. With a partner,  compare the three most important ideas and negotiate to create a new list of three ideas that you can both agree on.
  4. Look at what Mr. Larson’s class created for how to negotiate.
  5. Do the same thing as # 3 above, but with a total of four people.  You may not have your last partner in this group.
  6. Share your ideas with the class on this Concordia Pad Document
  7. In the comment section below, write three paragraphs. Each paragraph explains one of your important ideas.  See these samples from Mr. Larson’s class.

12 thoughts on “Collaborative Summaries

  1. My first main idea that came into my mind while listening Ms. Chandler talk about the Holocaust was that children our age were sent off and killed. I tried to imagine myself being sent to a camp, but I couldn’t begin to imagine it. I learned that we need to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    My second main idea was a question. My question was how do they get the images and photos and diaries from all of the children in the Holocaust. The documentary was about the children’s experience in the Holocaust and I was wondering how that got the dairies.

    My third idea is also a question. Why did the Germans hate the Jews so much? Was it just prejudice that they had against them? Why did they choose them to kill? Also, what percent of the Jewish population was killed? Ms. Chandler’s talk was very educating and gave me an idea of what the Holocaust was like, even though I couldn’t ever imagine what it was really like.

  2. Two questions and one fact that my group had were that 94% of all Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust. Our two questions were why did the Germans hate the Jews so much? Was is just prejudiceness? Why Jewish people? Why not other religions? Our final question was was How did the muesem get all of these videos?

    Hitler’s Nazi’s killed all these kids because they were Jewish, and ‘their life had no importance’. So he simply just killed them. Who knows? Those kids could have become a famous leader, or media worker some day, but Hitler put a stop to that possibility and just ended their life right then and there by gas chambers, and bullets.

    Why the Jews? That’s been my question ever since I started learning about this in 2nd grade. Why the Jewish people? Why not the Hindus? Christian? Buddists? Why the Jewish race? Why did Hitler have such a grudge against them? What did the Jews ever do to Hitler? They were humans just as Hitler was. Actually, they were more human than Hitler, who considered the Jews almost as animals that were over populated, and had to be killed.

    Our final question was How did the DC Muesam get all these clips & diaries? How could they get legal rights to something so terrible as the Holocaust? Who would want to OWN something as terrible as this anyway? Yeah it’s interesting, but still. Do the head people know someone in Germany who might’ve had clips & diaries? I don’t know.

  3. One of my important points is a question. How can we keep this from happening again? We will never be able to fully admit that this will never happen again, but we can try. One of the things we can do to keep this from happening again, is not segregating any person or religion, or race, so nothing can go that far. It is segregation that starts major conflicts like this, so if we aren’t doing anything to further a movement, nothing bad can happen.

    Another one of my important points is that the Nazi’s didn’t want younger children, unless they were going to be used to be used for hard, manual labor. They were thinking that children were useless, and gassed them. Being a child must have been really hard and depressing during that era. That feeling like, “whatever, they’ll just kill me”. Its just not right.

    The last one of my important points is the Holocaust was just plain bad. If you let society get that bad, and judgmental, you are living in a very bad world. Nobody should ever have to go through that kind of pain and suffering no matter what. Race, religion, or gender. That has human rights issues written all over it.

  4. One of my main questions was: When Hitler was younger what were some of the things that triggered his hatred towards Jewish people? This question made me really curious because Ms. Chandler said how as he grew up he was taught to think poorly of the Jewish people. However, I wonder what type of things he was taught. I would imagine that whomever raised him they told him of bad things that the Jews did or made up stories.

    A main point I took away from her talk with us was that the mentally impaired were the first group of people to be put into the gas chambers. It really shocked me because I had never even thought what would happen to them. Hitler did feel that they were a drag on the economy however the mentally impaired can’t control having their disabilities. So honestly we all know it was wrong for him to do that and lie to the families that they died of their disease. However, it’s just shocking that, that was were the gas chambers fist came into play on WWII.

    Another question I had was: Did many of the German soldiers help the Jews out? I mean all humans have a conscious of when they are doing something really wrong, so wouldn’t some help? Ms. Chandler mentioned that many of the German soldiers committed suicide because they knew the mass killing of Jews wasn’t right. But I wonder how many stayed alive to help them in whatever way they could. I’m sure some did. But in what ways?

  5. During Mrs. Chandler’s speech about the Holocaust, I learned many things about discrimination, genocide, and human torture. There were a couple points that really stuck out to me and I thought were very important. One of these was how unfair it was to put innocent people, children, and babies to death just because of a belief. It really opened my eyes to how bad the world can be affected from one evil decision. There were no trials held at all. If you were a Jew you would be taken away and sentenced to death.

    The next thing that really stuck out to me was how the Jews were set apart from the rest of the people even before the killings. Children were told that Jews would hurt you and that you could never be around them. It was almost as if the Germans were brainwashed by what one person thought. I see this as a very wrong thing to do to one group of people. Many people probably wanted to commit suicide even before the genocide started.

    The last main point that I took from the speech was that we can learn from the mistakes that were made in the past. If you look at it from another perspective, there were millions of Jews and only an army of Nazi’s. Each Nazi had to kill thousands of Jews. If the Jews had only come together to fight back against what was wrong, they would have had a chance of defeating them. Instead they were just taken away, and almost no Jews retaliated. In the future a group of millions like this could defiantly fight back. Overall, I learned many things during this speech that were very helpful.

  6. The holocaust was a very difficult period for everyone. Although, it was very rare for a child to survive such a period. Children of the holocaust were targeted first because the Nazis thought that they had no use to what they were trying to accomplish. Children that were sent to death camps were sent to the ovens first, along with the handicap and most women. Children of the holocaust had to be very strong and have a lot of hope. 94% of Jewish children were killed during the holocaust.

    The Nazis were in charge of everything at the time. They controlled what the public saw, taking over the radios, newspapers, and media. People believed what they read or heard from other people, thinking that it was all reliable information when it really wasn’t. The Nazi group sugarcoated everything and practically brainwashed people into thinking that Jews were terrible people and to stay far away from them.

    Not all people were sucked into the lies the Nazi told everyone. Not everyone thought that what they were doing to the Jews were right and some were brave enough to stand up and fight for what is right. White Rose was a group that contained students that fought back at the Nazis, they were not all Jews but were people who knew what they were doing was wrong. However, because they stood up and fought, the Nazis didn’t like how they were beginning to change others minds as well. Unfortunately they didn’t have the change to succeed and change everyones minds, they were all killed.

  7. My first idea is: How can I make a difference? or How can I keep this from happening again? This is a good idea because it is a good idea to seek corruption in the world and to try and fix it or in-power the people there to fix it. In Nazi Germany many Jewish people were treated very poorly. This should never should have happened and nothing like this should ever happen again.

    My second idea is: The Nazis did not want the Jewish children for tough labor. Since the Nazis did not want the children they usually exterminated them immediately. A few of the children were kept for hard labor. Since the Nazis did not even take sympathy on the Jewish children this must have been a sign that no one was safe. This must have worried and hurt everyone at the camps.

    My third idea is: How does living conditions vary from person to person in the camp? I wonder if everyone had the same living conditions or if someone had better conditions than others. I think the Nazis could be bribed sometimes but they did not always keep their word. I guess the only people who would know would be people who had been through the camps.

  8. Yesterday all of the eighth grade students were informed about the Holocaust. I am going to write about three points that I took away from the video. The first point is that, if we have the right knowledge about this topic we can prevent from happening in the future. The video was based on children’s point of view, it is important to know how children saw the society, especially during the period of the holocaust. It is important for our generation to watch this film so that we can impede an event as this to happen again. If something like this stirs up in the future our generation will hopefully have the knowledge to stop it.

    My second point brings up the topic equality. During this time, there was prejudice, segregation all because of race, ethnicity and gender. This goes against many human rights. Also there should never be a reason for such an event to occur. The fact that all of the other countries allowed this to happen is inevitable. Every needs to be treated equally no matter what. During the Holocaust the Jew’s were treated horribly by the Nazi Germans. All because of one man, The entire world could have stopped this, but they let the inequality go on.

    During the Holocaust 94% of all Jewish children in Eastern Europe were murdered. From the video, many of my peer’s and I took this as a horrific fact. It was so hard to believe, seemed as if it was erroneous. Thinking about if I was living during that time, what would I have felt. How much pain would I have gone through? This is a fact in our history and we must never allow something like this to happen ever again. Where was everyone else in the world, where were they?

  9. Yesterday we all spent some time with Mrs Chandler to learn about The Holocaust. We watched a film made by The Holocaust Museum. The video was based on children’s point of view, I think it is important to know how children saw the society, especially during the period of The Holocaust. Children are the weaker ones in this world, they ought to be protected and loved. Children have the most innocent minds, pure. The world and Germany should really listen to their voices, those are the true whispers in the ears. We all should know how big of an impact The Holocaust made, and never ever allow it to happen again.

    The video Children Remember The Holocaust plays history over again, with raw and cruel footage. It shows us how things were really like during The Holocaust. The video gives us a clearer picture of what we learn in text books. It is sometimes hard to understand and imagine the information in words. These photos of the children, their eyes were tortured with beauty, you can sense their pains through the eyes. The video part was hard to watch at times, when the Nazis pile corpses like a stack of hay, when they dump them into a ditch, all skin and bones. My point is that a video is a better way to teach and deliver, of course only to people who are old enough.

    One of my questions was did the children ever try to escape? Children, especially teenagers. Trapped and beaten at the concentration camp for that long, they must be eager to just break out of the electric wired fences. After watching the movie Escape From Sobibor, I wonder if they ever had or tried to come up with a plan to escape?

  10. From the documentary children remembers the holocaust I learnt many things and one of the main point of the presentation from my point of view was that people should be treated equally. I think all the Nazis alive now a days should be punished because just think about what they did to the jewish people
    From the presentation I got curious when she told us about Nazis investigating about changing eye colors and they used jewish people as their experiment tool. I think they wanted to change people’s eye color because the Nazis thought Arian people ; blonde hair with blue eyes was perfect and they should be the leader of world.
    I also wondered where Hitler got all his money to run Nazis but I realized that companies wanting workers for free sponsors Nazis to get Jewish workers and I also wondered how many gas chambers did Nazis have but I had no clue to get the answer for that

  11. My first idea is the question about this history. Why Jews were not able to fight for their own human rights? When all their families, friends, money and life were taken away and destroyed, why did they not fight against Germans? Was their power that weak that Germans easily took them away and used as prisoners and burned them for the end? If they acted stronger with more power, they didn’t have to just let all the people die cruelly.

    My second idea is that there should be a strong rule related to human rights that all humans can be treated equally. Nobody is born by choosing their parents. Every human has the will and greediness for better life and asking for more whether it is money, happiness or the honor. However, if this is the action of ruining other humans’ lives, they should be punished. Unreasonable prejudices, stereotypes and greediness left a huge pain and stain that will never be forgiven in the history. By ignoring human rights, a shameful and horrifying memories were left to the victims.

    My third idea is that there should be some lessons and teachings when children such as us to know this sad part of history and realize the value of human life, a human right everyone has and what they should do when they grow up as after a few centuries, it’s going to be students right now who will lead the society. We should be responsible as the leaders of the future and face the history.

  12. I learned so many things about unfair human rights during Holocaust. The first thing I learned was that the pain and horror of holocaust was unforgettable for the survivors. This event couldn’t be explained or understand because it’s so terrifying. People who survived from the holocaust have to live with fearsome memories. 75% of European Jews and 94% of Jewish children were killed violently without any reason. Why did Germans have to kill all of them? I still don’t understand why the Nazis did such a thing to innocent people.

    Everyone and everything should be treated equally no matter what. Even though our religion, stereotype, prejudice, age, and look are all different, humans are all same. Everyone deserves to live and be treated equally. Hitler and Germans thought Jews were the lowest class and had no power so they could treat them differently.

    Thousands of children were killed with no reason. Children are the most important people for the future and society. The cruel Germans didn’t care about people’s age, they even killed little babies.. We should live how to be grateful.

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