Act 3 Essay Question

Pick one of the questions below and write 250 word response.   Be sure to support your answer by:

  • providing direct evidence from the play
  • injecting at least one quote from the play using correct MLA format.  See here for help.
  • mentioning the use of at least one literary device from the play.  See here for help.

Oh, and don’t forget to use a topic sentence.

Act Three

  1. In scene iii, Friar Lawrence speaks a monologue to scold Romeo and to comfort him.  The friar uses reason to counteract Romeo’s distraught state of mind.  Read the beginning of the monologue (lines 109-113) and write a paraphrase of Friar Laurence’s words.  Then explain why the friar speaks so harshly to Romeo as he begins the monologue.
  2. Juliet often uses language skillfully, both to express her feeling and to keep secrets. Write an essay describing an example of each case in Act III. Identify the scene, lines and her reason for speaking; explain the content of her speech. Paraphrase what Juliet says, using contemporary language.

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