Act 2 Essay Question

Pick one of the questions below and write a 250 word response.   Be sure to support your answer by:

  • providing direct evidence from the play
  • injecting at least one quote from the play using correct MLA format.  See here for help.
  • mentioning the use of at least one literary device from the play.  See here for help.

Oh, and don’t forget to use a topic sentence.

  1. Within serious situations, Shakespeare often interjects lighter moments. Choose such a moment in Act II and in an essay explain how the humor is achieved. Use examples of dialogue to support your explanation.
  2. Time and time again in Act Two, Romeo expresses strong feelings for Juliet.  Point out some areas where he does this and describe what feelings he must have running in his head at the moment.  Be sure to back up your views with quotes and an explanation of those quotes.


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