Semester Two Humanities Combined Final Exam (English and Social Studies)

We have been working this year to tighten up and organize our writing.   This final exam will be your chance to show one of the following:

  • You totally understand how to write and organize an essay.
  • You are on the right path, but still need to work at it.
  • You were too busy watching hockey games to realize that we were learning to write in class.

Your final exam will Cover:

  •  Romeo and Juliet
  •  To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Romeo and Juliet

You will write an essay contrasting  two charters from the play.  How are they different and/or opposites?  Fill out your character Xmind document to prepare.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Be ready to describe the important characters from the book in a descriptive way. Be sure to use the four of the five senses: sight, sound, smell and feel.  A smart student (and you all are smart) would create an Xmind document to diagram out the characters and their descriptions.

Essays (Pick one):

  • The Mockingbird played an important symbolic role in the novel.  Understand what that symbolism was and which characters it represented and why.
  • There were many different characters in the book.  Focus on one or two and compare them with you.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

We studied the Universal Declaration of Human Rights during our NHD project.  I know that you truly enjoyed and loved doing just that!

Your final exam will ask you to:

  • Prove you understand most of the UDHR articles.
  • Apply the UDHR to a variety of human rights situations.  To prepare, be sure you are familiar with the list and reading a story about a human rights violation, can apply the document to the violation itself.

Study Tips

  • Review how to write a thesis and topic sentence
  • Following a planning guide for your essay.  I have added a sample below.
  • Create Quizlet flash cards to help you learn and understand the UDHR
  • Use the links above to help


Area Your Notes My Suggestions
Introduction   Be sure to toss in interesting facts that will hook the reader to want to read more.  Keep your reader (and grader) happy and interested!
Thesis statement   Remember the formula?  Please attach this to the introduction.
First paragraph   It all starts with a good topic sentence.
Second paragraph   It all starts with a good topic sentence.
Third paragraph   A third paragraph is not required.
Conclusion   Sum up what you just told us then offer an opinion about the subject.  Try to provide a strong opinion.


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