Assignment #4: Getting to Know Your Camera

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One thought on “Assignment #4: Getting to Know Your Camera

    The name of the video I embedded is “60 second trailer.”

    After studying the web site given regarding camera angles, I realized my videos I have made are far worse than I anticipated. Yikes. Well, in order to move along in a productive manner, I chose to go through my videos that I have already made. Since I have a single tripod and it is really only me doing the video taping by myself in the early mornings prior to work, I was fairly limited to my camera angles.
    There were a few changes here and there, but it could be much better. I think this coming school year my plan will be to shoot some of the same videos, with some different camera angles in order to spice up the videos. This will be really nice as the audio in my videos is not perfect either.

    Although my audio is not perfect, considering the circumstances it isn’t too bad. I am working in a shop with loud machinery. Really, the only way to avoid this issue (to my knowledge) would be to use some highly sophisticated, expensive equipment which could circumvent the background noises. The audio for my voice isn’t too bad, either. I chose to use a very cheap ($65) camera called a “bloggie touch.” The reason I chose this camera is due to its low cost, and somewhat high quality. It does have a lot of limitations, but is very easy to use. It can be mounted on a tripod, and connects directly to my computer like a flip camera.

    Along with the almost overwhelming amount of information I have yet to learn about camera angles, what I really took away from this assignment was “audio.” In my “60 second trailer” I wanted to make a quick video that I could show to parents, students administration, etc a quick snapshot of what they (the students) will be doing in my class. It has a little to be desired as I did not show any finished projects…that will come. However, I thought the lack of camera angles and noticeable noises were nicely drowned out by the usage of music.

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