Assignment # 5: Video Production Without Using a Camera

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One thought on “Assignment # 5: Video Production Without Using a Camera

  1. Again, so many different tools available. I explored a bit with camtasia as well as Animoto and Movie Maker. I have a friend who sends some awesome family videos using Animoto on a regular basis.
    He too is an educator, so I think he enjoys being able to utilize the free upgrade.

    I bought a macbook pro specifically to utilize the iMovie features for my classroom videos.
    I started taking the videos way back in October of 2012 and am still learning how to use the iMovie to the best of its capabilities. Heck, I am simply getting accustomed to using a mac vs windows!
    It is difficult going back and forth between the two.

    In any case, I have become very comfortable with the imovie features and am constantly learning how to utilize them. I again catered this assignment to best suit my situation. I wanted a movie that I could show my students my family, my family humor and to allow the students to get to know me a little better. With such large class sizes these days, I feel a distance between the students and myself. So, my hope is that this little “M&M movie” will better show the students what I am all about……now always so much business. I used this assignment to be a little creative, show off my family and to have a little fun.
    I hope you enjoy it too.

    M&M tree

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