Interview your neighbor

You will interview another member of the eighth grade and produce a short film/documentary about their lives.

You will use iMovie to produce the short video about your subject.   You video may have:

  • Music
  • Video of the person
  • Pictures of the person

You will then upload your work to Phoenix Video so we can all watch it.


  1. Find someone to interview
  2. Brainstorm questions as a class
  3. Take video and pictures of your subject.  Use photo booth and its video and photo components.
  4. Put it all together in a great movie!

Here is the rubric.

See these examples:

Aaron Brantingham Documentary – from Phoenix Video

Documentary on Billy Bailey – from Phoenix Video

Steve Jobs Documentary – from Phoenix Video

Steve Jobs Documentary NHD 2009 – from Phoenix Video

Johann Gutenberg; the trail of ink – from Phoenix Video

2004 YEP – Xian Lan documentary – from Phoenix Video

The Jinqiao Project – from Phoenix Video

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