Questions For Boxer Rebellion Movie

Copy and paste these questions into a Pages file and answer them.



Briefly describe what was happening in China and Hong Kong before the Boxer Rebellion. Make sure to mention trade and Opium in your description.

The Chinese rebels felt that two signs from the gods were a sign of displeasure. These are also mentioned in TGE. Briefly describe each.

Describe Empress Dowager’s climb to power. Also describe what event caused her to joint the Emperial Army with the Boxers.

Explain China’s greatest loss after the Western front invades the Chinese forces.
What is the ultimate goal of the Boxers?

6. What does Empress Dowager do to the Boxers after the war?

7. The Boxer Rebellion is significant to Chinese history because it is named as the turning point. Describe how China changed from before the war.

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