The Good Earth Test

These elephants having nothing to do with this test. Please stop looking at them and go study.

Our good Earth is going to give you a The Good Earth test.  Get it?  Nice play on words right?

The test will be in two parts: Questions and essays.


This this study guide test will help you with the questions portion of the exam.


Below are the essay questions.  You will be responsible for answering ONE of them. You will be allowed to bring a small card (to be given to you) with some notes for the essay portion of the exam.  This note card MUST be handwritten.  Recent research has suggested that handwriting something helps you learn versus typing it up.

  1. In the New Testament, Mark 8:36 reads, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” Describe incidents when Wang Lung “gains the whole world” as a successful farmer and landowner, but “forfeits his soul” as a husband and a father. In your conclusion, explain whether he redeems himself by his actions in his old
  2. The Good Earth depicts women as carefully negotiating the male-dominated world of the novel, achieving status and power when they can but never outrightly contradicting the misogyny expressed by the men in the book. Describe with specific examples from the novel ways that O-lan, Lotus, and Pear Blossom achieve status and power.
  3. The central theme for the novel The Good Earth is the relationship between people and the land. Please write your best descriptive paragraph for each of the following terms in regards to this theme. Remember to give examples and use figurative language as much as possible: Constancy, Prosperity, Nourishment, and Ancestry.

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