ABC Test

American Born Chinese.

After finishing the book American Born Chinese, We will have a test.

To help us prepare for this test, we are going to create a practice test using Quizlet. You will create five questions about the book.  Be sure each question comes from a different chapter.

List your questions in a Pages document.  Later, we will put some of them here.

You will also have two essay questions on the test.

Your essay should follow this format:

The questions are:

1. The book is full of stereotypes.  Many are based on Asian-Americans, but some are based on other characters in the book.   Describe what a stereotype is and provide specific examples in the book where the author, Gene Yang,  shows stereotypes.  Try to avoid just pointing out the obvious stereotypes portrayed by the character Chin Kee.

2. What is the significance of the Transformer ( on page 28 and at the end of the novel?  (Hint: How does it relate to the story of the Monkey King and “Everybody Ruvs Chin-Kee”? )

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