World War One Website

Working with your country, create a series of pages on your website.  You will need to add content to the website that helps us understand more about World War One.

This content will be divided up among you and will include all or some of the following:

You will need to post a plan of who will do what work. This plan should be on each person’s website and very specific.  Use Xmind to create the plan.  Your teacher will review it with your group.

  • Timeline using timeline 3D
  • Summary of your country’s involvement.
  • Weapons of war.
  • How did the conflict start?
  • Maps that relate to your country.  How did it change after the war was over?
  • How did your country become involved?
  • Images that represent your country during this time.
  • Five links to important and useful information about your country during WW1.  Explain each link in two sentences or more
  • Culture, currency, language, government, etc.
  • Impact of the war on your country.
  • Horrors of war: gas, etc.
  • Other ideas you have?

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