World War One Website Research Requirements

We will not be learning how to make lemons into limes and limes into lemons

Now that you have decided on your topic for your World War One website, time to get down to work and complete it.

Your webpage needs to contain:

  • 600 or more word description with
    • Introduction
    • Thesis statement
    • Body
    • Conclusion
  • Images that support your topic
  • Other “fun” things such as a survey, timeline, video, etc.
  • A bibliography using the MLM format

Step-by-step plan:


  • Decide on your topic
  • Setup Zotero
    • Group account
  • Find websites
  • Decide on thesis statement
  • More research
  • Find and save photos
  • Build bibliography
  • Fill out your essay outline guide.
  • Begin writing
  • Create additional support material such as photos, games, surveys, videos, etc.
  • Put it all together on your website!




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