Roaring Twenties Day Two

  • Answer these questions.  You will have a quiz covering them tomorrow.
  • Stock market simulation

Roaring Twenties Day One

Day One:

  • Read over student handbook
  • Draw ID’s, regions and roles
    • Roles include bankers, labor representatives, farmers, women’s rights advocates, social critics and business persons
  • Fill out occupation group roster
  • WP Balance Sheets   Enter your beginning points.  Certain peoples will receive more points than others.   Your will be receiving a grade based on how many work points you earn.
  • Explain grading system.  More work points mean a better grade.
  • Review stock market
    • Stock market certificate rules
      • Only a broker may fill out the bought column of a stock certificate
      • Sellers may fill out the sold column, but the sale becomes valid only when the broker signs it.
      • When I declare a dividend for a stock, owners may fill out their dividends columns and then immediately enter the WP dividends on their WP balance sheets.
      • You may buy stocks on margin


Name:  AT&T

  • Characteristics: Steady growth, regular dividends
  • Buy-Sell Regulations:  In multiples of 5

Name:  Ford

  • Characteristics: growth with variable dividends
  • Buy-Sell Regulations:  In multiples of 10

Name:  Florida Land Speculators

  • Characteristics: Risky, fast growth, small dividends
  • Buy-Sell Regulations:  In multiples of 10


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