Let’s Visit A Nuclear Power Plant Trip

Final Update:

1.  Interviewed a Frenchman, an American and a Chinese engineer today.   Lots of information given—where the enriching the uranium happens, what happens to the nuclear waste, what jobs should we be exploring, what are the new happenings in nuclear technology, etc.

2.  Worked on our news segment.  Due Thursday, May 3rd.

3.  Saw ‘fog’ this morning and as we traveled to Shanghai, we noticed the ‘smog.’  This provided a clearer understanding of why alternative energy is of high importance, even nuclear energy.

4.  Reviewed Ms. Brown’s exam on Tuesday…..making connections to our field experience.

5.  Definitely a great learning experience…..thank you for your support.  If you have any suggestions about this field experience, please let us know.

Wednesday, April 12th

1.  Visited the Shanghai landfill.  Over 8000 metric tons of garbage a day…52% is cooking oil and 12% is plastic and less than 2% is metal and glass.   Leaned many new terms and the process of how methane is placed on to the main grid.

2.  Visited a wind farm.  Cost of one windmill—RMB10,000,000.  It takes 7-10 years to replace the cost.  Each windmill produces 1.5 megawatts per day and our home uses less than 10 KILOwatts per day.

The entire area of the Shanghai landfill and wind farm is in the process of generating electricity.  Solar panels will be added to this area soon.

3.  GM factory.  Toured the GM factory and saw the factory process of cars being made.  42 cars per day.  Price of a GM van is RMB400,000.

Tomorrow we will leave Concordia at 8.30am to go to the nuclear plant.   The train takes approximately four hours.  We will visit the nuclear plant tomorrow around 4.00pm.

We return to Concordia around 5:00 to 5:30pm on Friday.

Had a great day!

Michael, Michael and Laura




PurposeWestinghouse Electric company sponsors an annual video contest.   Westinghouse Electric   Company encourages education in the fields of science,  math  and  technology.    The  goal   of  this  project  is  to  develop a students‘ researching and fact-finding skills, in addition  to  educating  them  on  the  various   forms  of  energy  that  we  use  today.


  • April 10 (Tuesday)
    • Turn in 1300 RMB and Passport
  •  April 11th (Wednesday)  
    •  7:30 meet at school as usual
    • 7:45 depart for Shanghai’s largest refuse and wind farm.  Refuse is a giant garbage dump by the way.  Imagine the used furniture we can bring back!
    • 1:00-2:30 tour GM factory plant
    • 3:30 return to school
  • April 12 (Thursday)
    • 8:00 meet at school as usual
    • 9:00 depart for train station
    • 10:32 climb the train to Sanmen. Train # D5589
    • 1435 arrive Sanmen and check int at hotel.
      • Stay at Hi Yi Hotel
        No.256 Laodong West Road, Tianxin District, Changsha 410007, China 
  •  April 13 (Friday)
    • Wake up, eat and tour nuclear power plant
    • Return to Shanghai via train.   Train departs Sanmen at 12:49. Train # D 3120
    • Arrive Shanghai train station at 17:00
    • Arrive Concordia 18:00.  This is our best estimate.  Traffic conditions may vary.  Students will contact parents by cell phone as needed.

Facilitators:  Michael Boll (M: 15821 336 415) , Laura Brown (M: 15221 193 694), Michael Lambert (M: 13671 500 620)

Cost:  1300 RMB.  It includes  hotel, train fare and food.

What to pack/bring

  • Computer
  • Camera (video, etc.)
  • Clothes for Thursday and Friday.  Weather is 60 degree low with 77 high, so it won’t be cold!
  • Umbrella (rain is in the forecast)
  • Toothbrush
  • Cell phone!
  • Hair brush
  • Personal spending money.  Food is covered, but if you really need to buy gum or something for the train ride…

Product:  Two-page document on alternative energies in Shanghai, daily journal and 5-7 minute video to be submitted for two contests.

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