Monthly Goal Reflection

About once a month or so, you will be asked to reflect on the goals you set for yourself.

As a blog post, reflect on your goals and how they are going.  Be sure to copy and paste your existing goals on the blog post before you start to reflect on them.

Your reflection should contain a short paragraph for EACH of your goals and include:

  • Copy and paste the goals we set at the top of the blog post
  • On a scale of 1-3 (three being highest) have you met or been meeting your goals?
  • Provide specific examples of how you have been meeting your goals.
  • And/or provide an example of how you have not been meeting your goals.
  • Provide an action plan  (statement of intent) as to what steps you will take to meet your goals.

Please, please, please also “tag” your blog with the word “goal.”

You will need to turn in these posts on the following dates:

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