Get Animated

Intro: Telling a story via an animation is a whole new idea and has its own challenges.

Assignment: Working on your own (you can still ask friends for help) create an animation that tells a story about something interesting.

Fill out storyboard Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 2.20.15 PMPlease use a storyboard for this project.

Keep it appropriate.  Because you are working with cartoons it is tempting to be silly.    You are welcome to be silly at home, but please not for a school project.



10 thoughts on “Get Animated

  1. I am animating a story about a pig named Fluffy. He wants to learn how to fly. He goes on an adventure and meets a chicken, a horse, and a cow, but none of them can teach him how to fly. He also meets another pig named Gertrude, who joins him on the adventure to learn how to fly. In the end, they meet a bird, and learn how to fly.

  2. There was a supernovae explosion in the universe, and a new planet was born. An astroid from Mars gave that planet life and ecosystems started on that new planet. It was found that the new planet is opposite of Earth, for example, about 70% of that planet is made out of diamonds. Then, one day, the people on the Opposite Earth visited the real Earth, and a lot of stuff happened.

  3. It’s about 2 boys who moved to a new house after their mom divorces. They discover a hole in their basement. They later realize that the hole creates scary things and they defeat the evil doll and the hole disappears

  4. Bob is in the 2030 presidential election running against democratic representative Dick. Joe is watching TV in his puny ghetto house and he sees his old classmate Bob. He is then mad that Bob is running for president and believes that Bob doesn’t deserve to get that opportunity. He starts crying and is about to suicide when suddenly a crazy drunk woman named Virgincha runs from the crowd and assassinates Bob but then Joe doesn’t know and he suicides. In the end they both DIEEEEE.

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