Scary films are, as you would imagine, designed to scare people. They bring out the scary thoughts in our lives and make them visual. Scary films, if done well, are very emotional.  However, a scary film is very hard to do and takes a lot of planning and editing.

Think about  the following

  • Sound layers
    • Music
    • Sound effects
  • Camera angles
    • What will you use?
  • Camera movement
    • Push in?
    • Pull back?
    • Sidetracking with or without movement?
  • Filter and lighting
    • Which filter works?
    • What lighting works?

Typical outline of a jumpscare

  • Slow, slow camera push in or pull back.
  • Scary, building music.  Or… no music at all
  • When bad thing appears
    • Powerful, loud music
    • Quick camera movement


Create one or two jump scares as practice for your upcoming scary short film.  Each one should be around 5-10 seconds each.


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