Lip Dub your Music Video


Music videos contain lots of people singing and looking cool.  You too will sing and look cool. Actually, you won’t really sing.  You will pretend to sing. You will lipsync instead!

Lip syncing is hard but is a super important part of any music video.  Later you will shoot cutaway video to support the lipsync, but don’t worry about that now.

Steps to Success

  1. Find a song and get your teacher’s permission.No explicit lyrics please.
  2. Find the lyrics for the song
    1. Copy and paste it into a Google Doc
      1. Share with your group.
  3. Decide on a 90-second section of the song
    1. Look at the lyrics for help. Maybe just pick the first 90 seconds.
  4. Pick the singer(s) from your group to be filmed.  He or she MUST memorize the words or it will look really bad.
  5. Shoot your video
    1. Play the music in the background for your singer to sing along to
    2. Make sure a location change happens with each verse
  6. Sync up the music with your voice.  See here for help
  7. Export it
  8. Name the movie as follows:  Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  9. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.


  • Eventually, your video will look this this Jon Bon Jovi version.
  • Try to cut on the beat if possible. Count as you listen to the music and cut on the same beat as much as possible.  Maybe on 1,2,3, or 4. Whatever beat you like. 2 and 4 are very common.
  • Cut about every 2-3 seconds or more
  • Use a variety of camera angles
  • Wide/Long Shot
  • Full Shot
  • Middle Shot
  • Closeup
  • Extreme Close Up
  • Low Angle
  • High Angle
  • Dutch Angle
  • Establishing Shot
  • Pan Shot
  • Use lots of movement with your camera.  Keep the actor in the middle and move. Not shake, but move.
  • Singers get into it!  Look the part and be excited.  You will look SO much better if you act it up, maybe even overact, the part.  You will look silly if you show little emotion.

Popular Music Video Bands

  • The Script
  • Michael Jackson
  • Bon Jovi
  • 80’s Music
  • Imagine Dragons

Sample Music videos

Popular Music Videos

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