Silent Film

Create a short, three minutes or less, scary movie using the formula below.  You may submit this to the International Silent Film Festival!

Steps to success

  1. Pre Production

    1. Decide on your music from this folder
      1. Map out the emotions from the music.
        1. Sample
    2. Planning and storyboarding, but timed to music
      1. Camera angles, cut types, movement (dolly shots)
        1. Tilt up, tilt down
        2. Push in
        3. Pull back
        4. Side shot
        5. Tracking shot (person walking, you move along with them)
    3. Find actors
      1. Rehearse scenes with actors
    4. Build the shot list
      1. Template (Be sure to share it with your partner so you are working from the same one)
    5. Enter the contest.
  2. Production

    1. Always shoot MORE film than you will need.  
      1. You don’t know what looks good until later
      2. Reshoot scenes as needed
  3. Post Production

    1. Edit the film
    2. Choose final cuts
    3. Sound design around the film
      1. Music
      2. Dialog
      3. Sound effects
  4. Enter the contest. Sign up here.
  5. Upload it to Google Classroom