One scream, two scream, but we won't scream for ice cream?

Reaction Shots

Public Service Announcement

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Introduce Your Super Hero

Take your special effects skillz to the limit for the ultimate superhero story.

30 Second Commercial

Create a 30 second commercial about a product that you make up.  Making it funny is welcome.

Silent Film

Create a short, three minutes or less, scary movie using the formula below.  You may submit this to the International Silent Film Festival!

Independent Film Project

Choose from one of the many film genres to shoot an awesome short

Person on the Street

Working with your team, come up with a list of funny questions for people to answer on camera.  Put the answers together in a funny video that is about one minute.

Can't Stop The Feeling Dance Remake

Working with some partners, do a remix of at least the first minute of the video Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake