#10 Articulate Your Class Culture and Educator Impact

You, the teacher, are the most important and impactful part of the classroom experience. It is not always easy to bring in “you” and what you represent to the virtual world and this assignment is designed to help you outline your goals and communicate your class culture.

#8 Virtual Teaching Support Groups and Resources--done

Teaching in a COVID and post-COVID world is dynamic and evolving. Luckily, there are many support groups out there to help.

#7 Decide on a Distribution Platform

With a virtual classroom, there is added pressure to design an attractive look that is engaging to students and helps them easily track what they need to do. This applies to the physical classroom as well

#6 Share Student Work and Build Class Community

When we look at our physical classroom we often see examples of student work all around us. We enjoy the community feel of a shared space where students are part of the look and feel.

#5 Bring Your Personality to Feedback and Assessment

In the digital world it is now easier than ever to provide substantial and long lasting feedback to students using audio and video. This skill works in both the virtual and physical classrooms and helps students feel connected to us as caring adults.

#4 Grab Student Attention With Stylistic Lesson Designs

We spend lots of time making our classroom look warm and appealing. We might share student work, add a variety of colors and divide the room into unique learning spaces. We can do the same in the virtual world and, thankfully, there are a variety of tools that help a non-artist like me, able to create something that looks great and is fun to both build and view.

#3 Interactive Content Delivery to Maintain Student Attention

In the virtual teaching world, lecturing or talking with students is even less effective than in the classroom. It is tough to get a good sense or the “pulse” of the classroom and if they are engaging with your efforts.


Create live discussions where students help decide how to move a conversation forward.


Wooclap enables you to "poll" and collect feedback from students in a live or post live setting.