#4 Grab Student Attention With Stylistic Lesson Designs


We spend lots of time making our classroom look warm and appealing. We might share student work, add a variety of colors and divide the room into unique learning spaces.

We can do the same in the virtual world and, thankfully, there are a variety of tools that help a non-artist like me, able to create something that looks great and is fun to both build and view.


  1. Explore the tools in the resource section and how they can help you to build interesting and appealing lessons for your online content.
  2. In 250 words or more reflect on the tools you explored and how they can improve the look of your class and start page.



Bitmoji is a super fun way to create a caricature of yourself for the classroom. It’s an extremely versatile tool that lets us all communicate a range of emotions such as humor, warmth and caring.

Bitmoji Ideas and Samples


Canva brings a wealth of resources and tips for building great graphics and designs. With many suggested templates, Canva lets you customize the look until it meets your needs.