April 16, 2020



  1. Virtual whiteboard fun
  2. Draw your superhero and include his/her powers
  3. Watch the recording of our Zoom meeting if you were not online when we met as a class.

ASSIGNMENT (Final class period)

  1. Open your superhero introduction video storyboard
  2. Finish shooting and editing your video.  It needs four scenes:
    1. Introduce your character with text
    2. First example of your superpower
    3. Second example of your superpower
    4. Third example of your superpower
  3. Be sure to include multiple layers of sound
    1. Music to create emotions
    2. Sound effects that match your superpower.  For example, flame shooting sounds if you have a flame power.
  4. Upload the completed video to this  FlipGrid .This is your exit ticket for today.


Mr. Boll’s favorite superhero powers

  • Super speed
  • Strength
  • Fire thrower
  • Time travel
  • Mind reader
  • Sees the future
  • Superhuman agility
  • Talks to animals
  • Mind control
  • Fly
  • Teleport
  • Psychokinesis: move things with your mind
  • Invulnerability: Nothing can hurt youExit Ticket

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