The Cutaway


Cutaway shots literally cut away to another scene and then back. For example: “OMG that train is going to run you over.”  You then cut to the scene of a train coming, then back to the actor with a scared look on their face.

Cutaways work well with B roll. Something we will work on in iMovie certification

Steps To Success

  1. Learn how to use iMovie’s cutaway feature
  2. Shoot two different scenes that you can use to show cutaways
    1. Make sure they are very different so they are very interesting
    2. Keep them short. Like 10 seconds each.
  3. Edit each of the cuts into one movie and title each separate cut
  4. Add transitions, audio, music, etc. as you want
    1. Be creative!
  5. Export the video to your desktop
  6. Name the movie as follows:  Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  7. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.

Student Samples